Mister Mort Mister Mort
June 22, 2016

Out here typing poetry in my new Summer awffice. Quick story- i was waking outta the Apple Store on prince Street bout an hr ago when a nice couple visiting from Kansas City ( @cornygall )to ask me “Are you the guy”?! I realized right away thy were Looking for the photog who charges $5 to take someone’s picture as I’d seen on my man @jasonpolan Instagram…I told them I’m not that guy but I’d happily take their photo for free. As I’m shooting, a guy is staring me down while he sits on the steps (next to jcrew) and tells me “move your blocking my table” I said ok, I’m taking a photo and I’ll leave, he comes at me and says move now. Then body checks me. I opted to walk away (he was big, I’m small and can’t fight). I’ll just give him a pass and say it was the heat, I don’t want to judge another man but if you have a table selling stuff on the street you best have the best attitude. I worked retail, I know it’s not easy. But you can’t be talking to people on the street like that. The couple was so cool and didn’t even move. Anyhow I saw this typing booth @typewriternyc in the park on my way home. It’s nice to walk thru a park. Hear the birds chirping, hear the the sounds of a baseball connecting with the bat… Enjoy your summer folks




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