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    25 Feb

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    Purple Jacket

    20 Jan

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    Shipping & Terms

    An outtake from a selection of new photos for GQ @ Dead & Company @ MSG

    New Work for Carhartt WIP FW19

    @deadhead run-ins for real

    A Gutten Eruv Shabbos

    When I got the call from @noahclothing casting colorful NY’ers for a campaign with the @WhitneyMuseum I ran! ‘What Color Are You’ exhibit opened today and runs thru Nov. 19th
Photographed by @johnny_knapp

    Stoked to be one of the first to have my hands on the and to shoot this fun project for @GQ

    An honor and a privilege to be amongst the first photographers to shoot with the iPhone 11 Pro. GQ sent me to The Garden to shoot style at Tyler, The Creator’s show.

    I met Tim Apple!

    We wonder if it was women’s pj’s or true resort/vacation wear. She’ll test the water on these Brooklyn streets before we head to another island.

    Flea Market Vendors have some of the best style


    I can’t quite decide. Do I need a western belt? My stylist says no, she likes the odd combination. I’m in love with her and her sensibilities.

    Wearing a robe on the street in the big city is no easy thing. I love how this fella did it.


    I was in line at DMV yesterday (got my (3rd) learners permit) and was so excited to see dude again that I got outta line and left the bldg with him. That’s how excited I got. I shot him recently (JULY 2) in all red. He’s here on this grid feed page of diamonds, check him out.


    THEY HAD ME BACK!! I love a trade show floor. I enjoy any selling floor! 
I wasn’t ready. I move too much. These old sport coats weren’t made for dumping mobile phones in the pockets. I love getting dressed. Thanks for the  @hailleyhoward

    Father & Son At Wimbledon. No, they aren’t American. They’re actually British in these American vacation jams. Who’d a thunk. Cutest doubles I saw play.

    Coulda worn braces or a belt but I made it to Wimbledon (and been eating so well I didn’t need it!)  @momo_ikeda_