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    25 Feb

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    Purple Jacket

    20 Jan

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    Shipping & Terms

    deleted the first version- crisper look here. please add 471 likes to the count.  film  @lifeinreverie

    A double breasted blazer as outerwear is an item I’ve never imagined on a gentleman. I’m in love. Never change Osaka, never change. I should start watching films. Maybe even on the flight home. (I slept all but two hours from NY to SEOUL!)

    I’m a sucker for a double knit. Even cotton and merino (poly on poly probly) here has me doubled over like his pleats. A full trouser with sneakers for the WIN. I invited him to my booth @sneakercon we’ll see if he’s any good at backgammon.

    I do it for the love not the likes. I’m here to teach but more to learn. -This isn’t his shabbos best. it’s his everyday uniform (safe to assume his shabbos bekeshe (robe for lack of other words) is cleaner but who knows. We typically wear our best on Shabbos & Holidays. On Sunday-Friday mornings we don Tefillin (you’ll have to do some googling should you want to learn learn more) for prayers. They are put on our weaker arm and head. This chassid must’ve been about to roll his sleeve up and pray but stepped out for a call. We pray with a hat and jacket so he has it buttoned so to make it easier to roll up sleeve...

    An outtake from a selection of new photos for GQ @ Dead & Company @ MSG

    New Work for Carhartt WIP FW19

    @deadhead run-ins for real

    A Gutten Eruv Shabbos

    When I got the call from @noahclothing casting colorful NY’ers for a campaign with the @WhitneyMuseum I ran! ‘What Color Are You’ exhibit opened today and runs thru Nov. 19th
Photographed by @johnny_knapp

    Stoked to be one of the first to have my hands on the and to shoot this fun project for @GQ

    An honor and a privilege to be amongst the first photographers to shoot with the iPhone 11 Pro. GQ sent me to The Garden to shoot style at Tyler, The Creator’s show.

    I met Tim Apple!

    We wonder if it was women’s pj’s or true resort/vacation wear. She’ll test the water on these Brooklyn streets before we head to another island.

    Flea Market Vendors have some of the best style


    I can’t quite decide. Do I need a western belt? My stylist says no, she likes the odd combination. I’m in love with her and her sensibilities.

    Wearing a robe on the street in the big city is no easy thing. I love how this fella did it.


    I was in line at DMV yesterday (got my (3rd) learners permit) and was so excited to see dude again that I got outta line and left the bldg with him. That’s how excited I got. I shot him recently (JULY 2) in all red. He’s here on this grid feed page of diamonds, check him out.