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    25 Feb

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    Purple Jacket

    20 Jan

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    Shipping & Terms

my everything @sarabirdiebrown

    When the runway is rained out there’s always the platform

    @pedr0blanc0 saw this on my stories and said “Now THAT’S fucking streetwear!”
I often think I should just leave my gems on stories because I’m tired of them appearing on y’all moodsboards. Im not sorry for over serving you the best cast/looks from the best runway on earth. Take Take Take. Enjoy responsibly.

    We are the strongest. Paris and Milan for the elders, but we’re the strongest fashions here in NY. One day we shall have the grand runways once again.

    Thank you @yukimatsud for having me by your showroom today. My personal pitti/pfw experience right here in NYC. It takes a real cowboy like Yuki to rent a storefront and welcome the general public to view his collections typically only viewed by buyers & press.
.  @taniatsuhito

    @najiahknight , the only professional female mini bull rider @minibullriders @pbr

    The only way a suit should fit when wearing both buttons closed. Big. This is fashion. This is style. This is proper ill fitting fun. Not saville row proper which I love but there’s something nice about a suit swimming like so. When on a skinnier dude it’s even more fun if you ask me. Some big dudes think a fitted suit with both buttons fastened slims them out. I say go swimming with it. Let the suit wear you in this case. Heck, leave on the tag that’s stitched on the cuff!

    I miss Japan. As I pack up to move from this here spot I find myself getting rid of a ton of clothing; as one does when moving in the big city. Makes me wonder how folks in Japan do it. They must have so much clothing in small living spaces. How. Does. One. Do. It. while it is a great feeling letting go I have a hard time and think over each pant shirt etc when will I want you next, even to glance at if not to feel the fabric...It’s been a really good feeling so far (no regrets YET, but it’s only been a few duffle bags full) but with each shirt, pant, shoe I debate I know I’m making the right choice. I hope they reach someone else and make them just as happy they made me feel when I acquired. This packing/move should be a television show actually. Do I let it go or hold onto... I think if I had a good buddy on the couch I’d show them piece by piece and ask “will i want to wear this again?” while there’s no real way to know, it would help to have another opinion. (not my stylist/wife). There’s theories such as if you haven’t worn in a season get rid of it but I’m more attached than that. Some ebay late night but many hunted from hours and years of thrifting. It’s not easy but I really do want to start almost over. I’ll move with a ton and probably hopefully unload so much more once landed. M’shana Makom, M’shana Mazel!

    I went for a walk with a tray of @warbyparker frames from their new Windsor collection casting kind folks on sidewalks to pose in the spectacles. I loved Emily’s soft fleece hat (and fleece popover peeking from under her coat). I’m a big fan of a yellow and blue pairing. I love color in the colder months, it really brighten things up for me.

    while we felt this was a strong look, another cut gem from fittings of @uncutgems

    Happy last light of Chanukah from our family to yours

    Fittings with @lakeithstanfield3 
who was a gem to work with
as was everyone involved with making @uncutgems


    UNCUT GEMS @uncutgems @elarapictures @booger_nose @bowedtie

    A look that didnt make it
🏻@666999666999 🏻 @miyakobellizzi @uncutgems @adamsandler

    Everyone’s making sneakers so I made some snowshoes with the folks over at @atlassnowshoes 
Available in about 2 minutes when the landing page goes live

    deleted the first version- crisper look here. please add 471 likes to the count.  film  @lifeinreverie

    A double breasted blazer as outerwear is an item I’ve never imagined on a gentleman. I’m in love. Never change Osaka, never change. I should start watching films. Maybe even on the flight home. (I slept all but two hours from NY to SEOUL!)

    I’m a sucker for a double knit. Even cotton and merino (poly on poly probly) here has me doubled over like his pleats. A full trouser with sneakers for the WIN. I invited him to my booth @sneakercon we’ll see if he’s any good at backgammon.

    I do it for the love not the likes. I’m here to teach but more to learn. -This isn’t his shabbos best. it’s his everyday uniform (safe to assume his shabbos bekeshe (robe for lack of other words) is cleaner but who knows. We typically wear our best on Shabbos & Holidays. On Sunday-Friday mornings we don Tefillin (you’ll have to do some googling should you want to learn learn more) for prayers. They are put on our weaker arm and head. This chassid must’ve been about to roll his sleeve up and pray but stepped out for a call. We pray with a hat and jacket so he has it buttoned so to make it easier to roll up sleeve...

    An outtake from a selection of new photos for GQ @ Dead & Company @ MSG

    New Work for Carhartt WIP FW19

    @deadhead run-ins for real