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    pleats please

    Folks we’re asking if I’d seen the classic baggy tapered construction worker pant in Japan, but what do you know about the built in fans!?

    I respect authority but I have even more respect for authority in pleats

    i feel travelers feeling themselves. he was asking folks to take his photo with his camera.

    On tour in Japan with @portugaltheman

    They just do it in Japan. Different than anywhere else and with so much love and for THEMSELVES. It’s so real and pure.

    cut-off jean shorts are the truth

    Jersey from his schools Caribbean Club

    I’m not sure who wore pleated trousers first; men or women, but I love a pleated pant on a gal. The fit is borrowed from a men’s trouser probably made by a women’s clothing company to appear as men’s. in its purest perhaps.

    Everyday, All Seasons. 
My guys don’t fake the funk. Out of necessity and always for a purpose. Ask Somebody. Try it, you’ll like it.

    wearing a wool beret in the new york summer is not as easy as this gentleman makes it look. Wether you’re a heavy shvitzer or not, it takes years to be able to do this. I talk with little to some experience myself. Although I’ve worn a fedora (fur felt) with leather sweatband ALL SEASONS from the age of bar mitzvah til about 20 on the daily, I can’t handle it today. I hope one day I can just wear one beret every day all year long.

    Just a tourist lad visiting NY. (What country is it where thyre so blonde? The whole family was so blonde. I wonder if he’s on the hype sites or where he gets his cues from. He was on fleek killing it or whatever they say

    I love a uniform. These workwear jackets remind me of the jackets worn by traders on the exchange floor. It’s nice to go to an eatery where the staff cover their shirts. It makes me feel like I’m in the right place.

    Year after year, season after season this dude has the best style at the show. Also thought I’d mention he doesn’t work for a clothing company, doesn’t work with  fashions, doesn’t pay attention to fashion whatsoever as far as I’ve heard and witnessed. No, he’s not in this app.

    Sometimes your friends make you a suit and you feel special. Sometimes it’s 1/1 and ya feel extra special. This is me feeling extra special. 
Thanks @posterscloset !

    It’s a wear your pyjamas to work kinda day

    A third fella wearing a pearl necklace

    Another dude in pearls

    I’ve always wanted to wear pearls. Classically (as far as I know) t’s very much a lady’s item but in my eyes, not overly femme if that makes sense. My first thought (back when I went to raves and clubs) was a necklace but then thought it might be much as I’m not exactly a necklace guy. I once found a vintage tie tac at the flea market but later learned it was faux and was disappointed so it sits in my jewelry/trinket box. (Yes, I have jewelry boxES). A few yrs. ago I bought an earring to see if i could handle a pearl and while I felt I could, I left it be bec it didn’t feel precious but cheap.faux and I didn’t feel like spending for a pricy one (I felt it should be my mothers or grandmothers) I now see some fellas wearing pearls with such ease and confidence it makes me very happy to see men in pearls.

    A deadhead on the floor talks to deadhead’s in the seats. Boulder was really special.