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    Flea Market Vendors have some of the best style


    I can’t quite decide. Do I need a western belt? My stylist says no, she likes the odd combination. I’m in love with her and her sensibilities.

    Wearing a robe on the street in the big city is no easy thing. I love how this fella did it.


    I was in line at DMV yesterday (got my (3rd) learners permit) and was so excited to see dude again that I got outta line and left the bldg with him. That’s how excited I got. I shot him recently (JULY 2) in all red. He’s here on this grid feed page of diamonds, check him out.


    THEY HAD ME BACK!! I love a trade show floor. I enjoy any selling floor! 
I wasn’t ready. I move too much. These old sport coats weren’t made for dumping mobile phones in the pockets. I love getting dressed. Thanks for the  @hailleyhoward

    Father & Son At Wimbledon. No, they aren’t American. They’re actually British in these American vacation jams. Who’d a thunk. Cutest doubles I saw play.

    Coulda worn braces or a belt but I made it to Wimbledon (and been eating so well I didn’t need it!)  @momo_ikeda_

    stranger said we looked cute, i asked him to take our picture

    This vintage style (football?) t shirt was a J. Press sample given to me years ago that never fit but I hold on to stuff. But her pleated khaki POLO SPORT shorts, c’mon. we invented mom and dad styles. We took ivy.

    I can’t believe he allowed me to photograph him. The shots i get of running up on people before asking are almost always ‘better’ but here you go.

    There’s a special feeling I get when I see a fella in a short sleeved button UP (or down) shirt that hits just right. Landing in the arm bend; the crease inside your elbow... -A fossa is a shallow depression from the Latin word for “ditch” so that cubital fossa literally means “elbow crease.”
crevice of the arm, the crease in the elbow.

    I walked by and complimented his shirt in passing. He took it off and tried giving it to me. In years past I would’ve taken it (I’ve gotten shirts off men’s backs on quite a few occasions and have it all documented. here’s a few instances: 
A. a beautifully worn in not worn out chamois in bolinas (the fella was walking into the usps to get his mail and said “if i have another shirt in the truck this ones for you”. B. newsstand dude was wearing a @nymag T (size XXXL) and said “come back tmrw and it’s yours” I went back and he was wearing it again (said it’s his work shirt) and changed out right there on 6th ave)...He just looked so right in it I couldn’t dare take it. It’s just so funny to me when I see dudes like him wearing this kinda t (subtle mock neck/HIGH CREW with subtle dye or accident on the t. My favorite dudes have no idea how cool they are. He thought I was poking fun at him. He didn’t speak much english and sure AF wasn’t hippying around. I think it was his work shirt (and he too had a shirt in his car he showed me he’d change into in broken english!). Don’t check my grammar I’m excited. Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful day!

    I love when a fella makes a women’s blouse his own and owns it. So rad.

    My stylist finds me the best tee shirts. I’m not much of a t shirt guy so I don’t get to show them off much. So here we have a great scenic tiedye. Baggies & EVA’s poolside or beach vibes only. Never for the city streets.

    Grateful. Especially for the folk(s?) that wore these pants, this shirt and this sweater before me. I’ve been fortunate to receive some really special second-hand clothing from special friends as of late. And while shopping is my favorite sport, it’s really nice when it just comes to you. Someone you know, or maybe someone who just knows you may be on the hunt for your wants as we speak! Cherish your friends. Nurture those special relationships.

    The train was faster than a car on the way there but only 18 min on way home so I took a smelly app ride home after I won! I hadn’t planned on attending so I didn’t wear black tie. Then again so many people in sneakers and t-shirt’s I’m not sure there’s a dress code any more. Sad. But Im happy! HUGE thank you to my team @bfa @cfda @fashion @people @style @beautyintheeveryday

    Chester- 94 years old

    Growing up with a religious uniform, I stay inspired by the uniforms of others. 
I once again partnered with @farfetch to shoot stylish dudes in some fancy sneakers

    trench coats from the attic

    trench coats from the attic

    My peoples. From 13 we wear a suit and a fedora. If you look closely you’ll notice his jacket buttons right over left. That’s a chassidic concept. Chesed over Gevurah

    My peoples. From 13 we wear a suit and a fedora. If you look closely you’ll notice his jacket buttons right over left. That’s a chassidic concept. Chesed over Gevurah