A Parisian, An Englishman & An Italian


Classic jermyn dstreet I Saw this fella outside the Trickers shop in London a week prior to the day i shot this. I asked him if I could take his picture and he said "oh no, keep your camera where it is". I begged and pleaded and he still said no. A few days later I saw him as he boarded the train from London to Paris,Again I asked and he said "Oh no,certainly not" so I went back to my seat . Not too much longer, I went back with my laptop and asked if I could show him what it is I do and he obliged. He was most amused with my photos of men in hats but would not let me take his picture. I asked if he was going to Paris and he said no, he would be continuing on- Well… a few days later I ran into him on the streets of Paris, he noticed me the same second i did him (as depicted in the photo above) and he dashed across the street! I saw him walking into a bank and waited outside, when he finally came out, he saw me and hid behind an obstacle on the sidewalk. At that point, I let him go… I love this man.