Day Of The Dead ~ San Francisco

P1330465 horrible belt but the shirt and blazer were just perfect. When it comes to events like this, If youre not actually celebrating a dead one, its just another reason to get dressed up. I’m cool with costume just about any day, but I will tear you apart… P1330475 When we got into the park, there was the most beautiful & scary trees, altars & costumes. P1330482 This cat definitely wasnt scary but he had one of the best looks I’ve seen in SF so far. a mockneck with a beret. very art director from back in the day. P1330483 There were some older cats that really turned it out. went in, worked it. P1330484 cant be mad at someone that just showed up and wasnt in costume. I of course liked that he had contrasting shoe laces. P1330487 Another cat that wasnt dressed up for the holiday but just had great colors! theres something special about a fella in a not precious beanie. non sagging, non cashmere etc. P1330488 say what you will about his clothes clothes. He is killing it. P1330489 oy, nakedness in garages along the parade route. P1330492 P1330494 Too many idiots/brands/stores are abusing fedoras and fur felt hats in general, this one I think I like. (he almost looks like he’s a 70’s rocker) P1330495 This dudes camera strap was pretty cool. very cool. P1330501 P1330502
A purdy bird.
Watch kinda effed it up, but I like the scarf with the western shirt.