I Bring To You The Rose Bowl

P6126841Always been a huge fan of this bag. P6126845Motorola Razor P6126847Copped 2 pairs o' tenniesP6126851 P6126855Denim underwear for the kiddies over their diapers. P6126854gangster with the red cloth out the back pocket. P6126856 P6126857Stetson Open Road, I mustve shot this hat 100 times since being out West. P6126858 P6126859 P6126860 P6126861 P6126864 P6126865 P6126866 P6126870 P6126875 P6126876 P6126878Love me a needlepoint loafer P6126883Love old Jansport! P6126884 P6126886 P6126888 P6126890 P6126891 P6126893 P6126896Those vests the Japanese and cool guys everywhere lust for. P6126908Huge fan of a proper tab collared shirt. P6126912Hazy shot but one of the best looks I saw. P6126916Good look rock star. I dont really want to show you the full length, he kinda messed that part up. OK, here it is. P6126915 P6126919 P6136921 P6136925 P6136927 P6136930We've all seen Buddy Lee dolls, but I never get tired of shooting the lil' guys. P6136932Did you read this shirt?? P6136933 P6136936