Milan Fashion Week FW12

P1142582P1142583Michael Hainey, someone I pay close attention to in the way that he may wear a very similar suit (pinstripes in a tropical weight) in summer, and this in the winter, to the untrained eye it could appear as the same suit. Kind of genius, he found what he likes and sticks with it. I saw him a few days prior in a beautiful tweed suit, or herringbone. And again, in the summer I saw him in a almost identical blazer with jeans! You have to almost touch the fabric to realize the weights are way off! Side note- that’s a denim Charvet shirt!
P1142625I was feeling dudes colors. The head-to-toe didn’t quite do it like this shot did..P1142591Generally I have a hard time with fella American peacocks. Not Guerre. Dude is a real cat, out there because he loves what he’s seeing. While we can’t all ‘see’ the same thing, we can appreciate it.

P1142627I’ve been seeing quite a few of these crew neck cardigans. I like I think. (Tried on a more rugged one at Carhartt, now I want it)
>a href=””>P1142670Rarely a pose, never a filter! Simone!P1142656Eugene, ok. So here we have an American in Milan. He’s no rookie, he’s been around. He could also easily be wearing anything any European editor is wearing but choses to wear jeans (pretty classic American), a duffle (ok, it’s a modernized version but still toggles & wool, pretty classic elements) (i photographed a dude (def. Europwan) wearing a sleeveless duffle. Now I know Eugene would never wear that..He also wears a blazer, not some way too tight or overly tailored Italian screaming blazer but what looks as casual/easy as styled fleece. Looks comfortable, but not as bumbish as I did (im not happy about that) How it should be under such a coat & paired w/ jeans…The simple fedora is a nice touch. He showed up in a colorful striped Supreme ballcap at this show last season. Respect.P1142691Much respect for youth in overcoats! Model boy after/before a show.. Sweatshirt is rad too.P1142702
P1142729One of those ‘trends’ i saw a hundred of and didn’t shoot but wish I had. I love the oversized varsity jacket coat! Reminds me of the Chloe one for girls. Kinda funny. He’s so boss with his studded(?) brief running into Missoni.