Milan Fashion Week FW12 ~ Beppe, Robert, Anna, Diego Della, Modelboys & More

P1132412Saw dude scratching lottery tickets parked outside Zegna.P1132412
P1132417Dude on left needs a new trend to jump on. Dude on right at least has his hat on about right. meaning, it’s not about to fly off his head..
P1132418He’s not that boss, just liked the image.P1132493P1132493
P1132541Just a lovely couple walking by. Ahhh!
P1142577When we were in Yeshiva, we’d try and get this haircut, only wear the hat down so the Rabbi would never see it!
P1144111Diego della ValleP1144111P1144111
P1142596Cut exactly where I like it! Philly, JP., Rasta style..
P1142636Wearing Ferragamo outside the show..
P1142650Eric Jennings. What I love about a wool fedora like his? It could be Hermes or found at any old hat shop. It looks like wool, not cheap fibers.
P1142607P1142607Whoever in the Dior press office loans her bags should really take the stickers off. This is 2 seasons in a row.. Oy. But she is just amazing.