Miles Flossin’ Some New Vintage Items @ Bread & Butter ~ Berlin

P1183106P1183106P1183106P1183106P1183106P1183106While I could’ve made this about a beautiful man and beautiful soul, I tried documenting this amazing vintage shirt someone made for someone they loved. Back when people had a custom of personalizing shirts for one another. Strawberries, flowers.. maybe they were an avid gardner.P1183142Miles always brings out treats when I see him. Check what he did to customize the jacket below.P1183143He decorated the collar using an old children’s belt!.P1183148
P1183150Different buttons add a nice ‘you know this aint a reissue’ detail.
P1183151A pocket sewed inside looks to be of denim. i wonder if it was added by the original owner or it came with it..
A rad hacked-off jacket now vest. Love all the tear/wear marks.P1183155