Some Details ~ Top, Mid & Lowers of Pitti Uomo FW12

P1103652One of the 3 Inventory dudes. They were on my best dressed list. Not Peacocking at all, all in classic, practical layers.
Bowtie10Dude from 14 oz. Paisley bowtie with gingham LVC western, Gloverall!,
P1103687Wanny di Filippo

P1103687Angelo Flaccavento
P1103827Acne patent leather ‘desert boots’ with bows!! Kinda want these.
P1103949Daiki of Engineered Garments. What a perfect jacket. Apears to be classicly tailored w/ extra pocket.
P1101740Nick Sullivan of Esquire.
P1101719Paisley Dr. Marten’s, not sure if thyre men’s but they’re killer.
P1111946Stripes, polka dots and I think that’s fair isle under the striped T.
P1111876The Japanese love their Paraboot..