Some Of The Best & Last ~ Shoes Of NewYork Fashion Week

P1320209 MWR Longwing Brogues. Baddest shoes I’ve owned innaminute! Rip-Stop Camo & Suede w/ a British Commando sole! P1320868 P1320871 Teva or similar style sandlas at Petrou. P1320913 P1320916 Too many fellas had their pants rolled up in New York. Most I couldnt get down with, including this guy. But I love his shoes! P1320922 Maybe he even had them a while, maybe he even broke them in. doubt it but still a decent look. points for not tucking his pants in. P1320972 P1320974 Fellas in Comme Des Garcons Shoes P1330027 Bruce Pask in Dries Van Noten trousers. Beautiful pattern. P9100250 P9120420 P9120421 These are both the footwear of Tommy Ton I kinda like his black leather moc sneakers. and lets talk about the 2nd pair for a minute. I can go on about these for days. Bullets! 1. The simplicity, an overall almost dress shoe but almost a dr marten sole. Looks comfortable, enough to take the laces off. These are not the kind of shoes that come w/o laces by the way, a friend borrowed them and didnt return. Ive taken laces from one pair and put in another and been inna rush and wanted to wear a certain pair ie. (i hate the laces of) black desert boots, so I know what he’s talking about… 2. The hem. You know I love a plain bottom hem on a pair of jeans. 3. The way the pant falls in the shoe. Unintentionally, the way it should be! P9140578