Some Womens Looks at Steven Alan ~ NYFW FW11

 I wanted to share a few looks of of Steven Alan's recent fashion week preview. It's special to me because throughout my childhood and til today I have heard the women in my family (I have two older sisters, each with three daughters, a younger brother with two daughters and two sister-in-laws) complaining how fashion does not really cater to religious woman who by jewish law must dress modestly. Many of the looks in this collection looked as if they were designed with Orthodox Jewish Women in mind. Maybe Steven is coming back to his roots.P1340596 P1340606 P1340607 P1340608 P1340611Even this outfit being sketched by Richard is almost Tzniut. I loved watching over his shoulder. P1340612She was adorable. And really liked the attention and cracked a smile. Too cute. P1340613I think the girl to her left felt left out. I wonder how Richard feels about 'the other' models when he is drawing. draws and only is into the one look as he's drawing. I know I find it really hard to shoot only one person when I'm wanting to take someones picture and they're walking with someone. I almost never ask them to stand apart and alot of my images suck as a result. I remember once a fotog. for the NY Daily News asked me to move so he could shoot some model gals I was walking next too out of a show. I will never forget, he said in the rudest tone "Can you move, I only shoot girls". I know I could just shoot them both, but I have a hard time shooting a look I'm not really feeling. Can't just take someones picture and have them think they've got it going on when they don't!