Yuketen Comes Correct for F/W 09

while at the Capsule trade show earlier today i came across these guys-
Based on 1920s old American hunting club boots, Yuketen shoes maintain the durability and function of the classic shoes with further reinforcement, literally. The boots feature a 100% rubber sole like most hunting boots to avoid slippage in snowy/icey conditions and prevent any noise when walking, but are double enforced for even further function. There were also some made out of melton wool and others in plaid patchwork ! the bags are pretty cool as well.Yukuten fringed sideSuede desert bootsYukuten cookie botsYukuten green penny loaferYukuten red saddle bagYukuten patchYukuten hi boot green croc

Yukuten yukiYukuten gry backpack
Yuketen hi blkYuketen hi greenYuketen two tone botYuketen wool grey bag